Craft Coffee

The Barn & Pantry Coffee Bar

Featuring Direct and Fair Trade beans roasted by Mast Coffee Co.

What sets us apart from everyone else?

All of our drinks are individually crafted with organic, whole real ingredients including:

  • Organic Straus barista blend milk
  • Grass-fed raw milk
  • House-made vanilla bean and lavender syrups made with organic cane or coconut sugars
  • Mocha and hot cocoa made with award winning sourced real chocolate made by CRU
  • Loose leaf teas imported from Australian tea company ThreeOneSix with the highest quality, ethically farmed herbs.
  • Pastries include locally made, fermented dough croissants, made with cultured raw butter and all organic ingredients, as well as, fermented wild yeast bagels
  • Pour over experiences showcase rotating single origin roasts

Milk alternatives: Oatly Oat Milk and Califia Almond Milk